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Memorial Service Packages

Honoring the memory of your loved one with dignity and respect is our priority at Rockwell Sounds & Events. Below are our transparent pricing options for memorial service packages. If you have specific requirements or need customization, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Basic Package

  • Price: Rs. 25k

  • Ideal for: Intimate gatherings, simple memorials

  • Includes:

    • Consultation with a memorial coordinator

    • Basic venue arrangement

    • Coordination of essential service elements

    • Assistance with obituary placement

Standard Package

  • Price: Rs. 50k

  • Ideal for: Traditional memorials, larger gatherings

  • Includes:

    • Detailed consultation with a dedicated memorial planner

    • Venue selection and arrangement

    • Comprehensive coordination of service elements

    • Assistance with floral arrangements

    • Obituary drafting and publication support

Premium Package

  • Price: Rs. 1 Lakh

  • Ideal for: Elaborate memorials, celebrations of life

  • Includes:

    • Extensive consultation with an experienced memorial specialist

    • Venue customization and decor planning

    • Full coordination of service elements, including music and multimedia presentations

    • Floral design and arrangement services

    • Assistance with memorial keepsakes and tribute videos

    • Obituary drafting, publication, and online memorial creation

Additional Services

  • Personalization options to honor your loved one:

    • Memorial stationery and printed materials

    • Professional photography and videography

    • Catering services for post-service gatherings

    • Transport arrangements for guests

    • Memorial gifts and favors

Additional Information

  • Payment Options: We offer flexible payment methods, including, bank transfers, and online payments.

  • Custom Quotes: Should you require additional services or customization beyond our packages, please contact us for a personalized quote.

  • Terms and Conditions: Prices are subject to change based on specific requirements, location, and additional services requested. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more details.

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